The right relationships change the world

We are who we help

What’s the point in healthcare advertising?

To sell drugs to doctors, right?


It’s to build and maintain
the most important thing
all: relationships.

We are our relationships

If a patient’s relationship with their doctor is good, they’re more likely to thrive.

If a doctor’s relationship with a therapy is good, they’re more likely to use it.

If a company’s relationship with their agency is good, they’re both more likely to do the kind of great work that gets noticed – and gets results.

Which is why, at CAN, we’re all about relationships.

Us and clients

We work with big pharma, little pharma, and every other kind of pharma.

We do good things for charities, so they can do good things for others.

We even step into wellness-and-consumerland if need be.

We like our clients and they like us.

Many of them have been with us from the start, and even the newer
ones tend to stick around.

Which says it all, really.

Clients and their teams

Great companies have a culture of

They value employee happiness and
motivation as much as corporate

Which is why some of our best ideas have
been for employee motivation, inspiration
and empowerment.

Rome from home

Giving our client gravitas

Clients and HCPs

In healthcare, reputation matters as much as data.

If a company isn’t trusted, payers won’t pay and physicians won’t prescribe.

How we talk to customers, from the most experienced specialist to the youngest junior nurse, builds and buttresses a company’s reputation.

All in all, corporate comms matter, and over the years we’ve become very good at it.

Doctors and drugs

Few doctors have time for breaks, never mind brands.

As an ad agency our most important job is to make medicines memorable – which isn’t easy.

No matter how good a drug is, we can’t advertise it in the usual places, or in the usual ways.

No TV, no billboards, no guerrilla advertising.

So when we pay for a page of a journal or the bandwidth of a web banner, we need to make damn sure our ads burn their way into the brain after one glance.

Because that’s all we’ll get.

That’s a lotta LLAMA

Itching to see a doctor

Physicians and patients

We make more than just ads.

We’ve spent the last decade creating tools to help healthcare professionals talk to and educate the people in their care.

Stuff that actually helps human beings in real situations, in real life.

We’ve crafted guides to spotting cancer, films that make tech and treatments less scary, and whole libraries of ‘How to’ and ‘What is’ booklets.

The goal, each time, has been to strengthen the bond between doctor and patient by giving them the means to talk to each other.

We, you and us

We love working at CAN and we think you would too.


Because we’re different, that’s why.

We love humans

Founded and run by women, CAN is an inclusive, supportive working environment; a place where all voices are heard and all opinions matter.

Great work that does good

We’re creative by nature and in healthcare by choice – nothing excites us like a gorgeous creative concept that could change lives for the better.

We grow when you do

We love upskilling people. However great you are when you walk through the door, we aim to make you greater still, through training, hands-on experience and shadowing leaders.

We love it here

Our offices are lovely, our people are lovelier and Windsor is chock full of history, culture, architecture, great pubs, lovely shops and – of course – Royal celebrations.

Like what you see?

We’d love to show you how the right relationships CAN change the world.

If you want to work with us, or you’d like to work for us, let us know.

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